An iPad and android Tablets costs a good amount and when something goes bust, you have to consider repair. You just cannot write your expensive gizmo off. Can you do your own repair? May be yes and maybe no. It will depend on how much you know about your gizmo. It is always advisable to let professionals do the repair for you.

With the android platform gaining popularity, the repair of android tablets is becoming a necessity for many people. You can do this repair at home by following the user repair guide or by accessing remote help over the phone or the internet.

Research is paramount before you can repair your tablets. Again, it is important to know that some repairs are too advanced for you to handle. If you are troubleshooting something that is not working right with the operating system for example, that will be easy. If you are replacing a part you have to open up your lovely gadget.  Have you ever done that before? If you not, perhaps it would be better not to do it but just let the pros handle it.

What parts of an iPad tablets are you likely to repair with time?

The touch pad  is cracked but you think that the LCD screen that is  beneath this is still working fine, then you need not go get a new iPad, you can easily get a replacement digitizer from Apple accredited stores and swap yours.

In most cases, the most vulnerable part of the iPad will be the screen. That is why most of the guides that you find online will be about the screen repair for the iPad. When other parts of the iPad start going bust, perhaps it is time you called in the experts or better yet, get a new one.

Another iPad repair is the Wi-Fi antenna, in most cases to replace it with a new one. For the iPad, there are just five screws to deal with and you will be done.

Well, there are so many things that you may need repaired in the iPad and the most important thing is to know how to remove everything in the correct order, without breaking anything.

What tools will you need for iPad repair?

There are few important things that you should have with you if you would like to make your iPad repair easy:

  • Safe opening tool, star screw driver, razor, paint scrapper and others (refer to online guides)

It is important to note that once you open the iPad the warranty will be voided. Therefore, it would be better to take it to the manufacturer or do the repair when the iPad is old and when its warranty is expired.

If you are not sure about how to do iPad repair, then do not do it. It is better to call our help center and we will give you all the assistance that you need.

In most cases, the procedure that you will follow for the iPad repair will be the same as for android tablets. Even android tablets, you will find that its most vulnerable part is the screen. When it falls and cracks, it is time that you think about getting a new digitizer for the gizmo, rather than thinking about getting a new tablet.